Monday, May 30, 2011

I went to so many countries

That I can barely remember
Sights, people and food food food!
19 countries in the blink of an eye
But still, all I see is her
As near as now
As distant as never was.
It doesn't stop.
I haven't been able to shake the sadness and I wonder if I ever will.
I need to... For me. I need to.

Now there is a brilliant angel
Who came to me and told me to let go
And fly.
She speaks to me every day.
She tells me I am beautiful and says so with such love and sincerity.
I do smile when I hear that!
Honesty and love, love, love!

I gave my heart to a liar,
a cheat who wears the disguise of innocence.
A soul who only sees and worships itself and cannot love
but only covet fantasy and misunderstood empowerment.

I must let go.
Time to go.
The angel is here.
She is everywhere
And bathes me with love and hope.

Goodbye my cherished little liar.
Time to fly...