Monday, March 16, 2009

Hell Mr. Guitar Tech!

Hello World!

I really don't have time to be sitting here writing this blog but what the hell... I'm a procrastinator and I like to write! "So, what is it you must do that's so important that you can't sit here and write for me?", you ask. Well... I need to pack because I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow for the Kamelot 2009 Europe tour. I am a "technician" and work for the band. Usually I'm the guitar tech but on this tour I'll be the bass guitar and keyboard tech but that's a minor detail. What's important is I get to go to Europe for 3 weeks and though it will be hard work, it will also be wonderful. If you are wondering, yes, I've been before... several times.

I have many jobs it seems. I'm a musician, I fix computers and sometimes I'm even a bookkeeper. I've also been lucky enough to travel the US and the world as a guitar technician, working mostly with metal bands since 2003. I average 4 tours a year and though I haven't really tried to make it a full time job, I find the urge to hit the road overwhelming after a few months of being in one place. I've been a road dog forever as a musician and that's a hard habit to break and besides, who would want to? You can see pics of my past travels on my MySpace page (

So, hello World. Welcome to my blog. Tomorrow I fly to Dusseldorf, Germany and the new tour begins. I'll be writing about it and taking pics so check in every once in a while and have a look.

I guess I better start packing...



  1. I hope there is a new blog everyday with lots of pictures. =) I wish I was there!

  2. I wish you were here too. As much as I wanted to post something everyday, it was just impossible. I'll have a ton of pics when I get back home and after a few days might be able to decompress and post them! I love you baby.